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My Next Big Thing

Do you feel stuck in your life? Are you struggling with a business or creative project that is still missing some pieces? Are you looking for answers, clarity, or ideas? This session is designed to guide you into a powerful journey, allowing you tap into the unlimited resources of your subconscious mind and beyond.

My Next Big Thing is a Vision Quest at warp speed, brainstorming on steroids, and high-tech coaching. All in one.

The Main Ingredients

The Session

During “My Next Big Thing” session we will use 3 custom PandoraStar programs focused on specific brainwaves. We’ll use the Theta range to facilitate the work of your intuitive/creative mind and subconscious and generate fresh ideas. Then will be the turn of the hyper-gamma frequencies to boost the brain ability to make sense of those ideas, expand and explore them. With the Alpha waves, we’ll process them even further, this time from a more relaxed and grounded space, and we’ll translate them into practical plans with clear actions and timeline.

After each PandoraStar module, we’ll work together on the insights and results and prepare for the next creating mental map, connecting the dots.

I will be guiding you in each phase so that you can make use of these optimal states of mind and use them to generate new ideas and reach more clarity for your Next Big Thing.

The Brain

All humans display five different types of electrical patterns or “brain waves” across the cortex that can be observed with an EEG (or an “electroencephalograph”) – a tool that allows to measure brain electric activity. We can say that each brain wave has a purpose or is found during certain types of activities.

Delta wave (0.1 – 3 Hz) : Deep Sleep
Theta wave (4 – 7 Hz)   : Creative Mind / Intuition Gateway
Alpha wave (8 – 15 Hz)  : Relaxed but aware / Grounding
Beta wave  (16 – 31 Hz) : Active / Active Concentration
Gamma wave (32 – 100 Hz): Increased Cognitive Abilities / Brain activity coherence

The Pandora Star
Is a powerful device with 12 powerful LEDs that emit flickering white light.

  • The frequency of the flickering is measured in Hertz (Hz) and changes according to the program.
  • The receiver keeps their eyes closed while facing the PandoraStar
  • The brain might interpret the flickering light by creating patterns of colours and geometrical figures or just white light.


“I had the pleasure to receive Way Beyond’s new session “My Next Big Thing!” aimed towards helping people with their business, life, or creative projects.

I already had a business idea that I wanted to investigate further and that really helped. So with this session, I felt like it might help in going even deeper. To start with, Amir was really relaxed and smart as he walked me through the different stages of the session. It is quite brilliantly set up so the first part of the session helped me get into a state that felt like “hyper mode brainstorming” which really fired up the thinking process and I was able to see various ideas from alternative angles. As the session progressed more and more ideas kept coming to me and it was really easy to see the connection between all of them and how they would interact together.

Amir would also help with guidance that really made the session stand out. For example, while being in this super cognitive state he would help me to visually map all the ideas out as if they were in space, it felt like I was able to watch them like planets and stars in the universe and see how they were moving. I also got help with seeing what was behind these ideas (planets) and what could be even deeper ways of seeing them.

Finally, we started to slow down and to see how we could actually create practical models from the ideas that could really be implemented into my life purpose. Today, I have already started working on these findings and I’m looking forward to seeing how it all plays out.

Time will tell but in the meantime, I really recommend “My Next Big Thing!” session as a great tool to be able to see different perspectives and ways on how we can improve our way of adding value to the world. It’s not only a session that helps with the creative process but also a very fun experience.”

Daniel Erikkson

I am so grateful that I got to do a session with Amir on the pandora star. I had been conflicted between what I thought I needed to do and what I knew in my body I needed to do. In our session we cut straight through to what I needed to do next, experiencing it with such clarity that all the follow-up actions filled me up with excitement for being back in flow. I have done life purpose quests, in isolation and in the dark to connect with this knowledge before, but Amir guides you there with his clarity and experience in just a few hours. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone. Thank you, Amir

Chris Clark

Individual Session

Duration: 3 hours

Rate: 250£

Group Session

Duration: 4 hours

4-6 People. Inquire for custom rates.


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